White Chocolate Cookies & Cream 128g
No Pangs
of Regret
White Chocolate Cookies & Cream 128g
Diablo was founded with the intentions of offering the 5 million and growing people suffering from Diabetes an alternative to sugar. In the process there has been a vast increase in the number of consumers looking to cut sugar out of their diet but still have those naughty treats. They really are guilt free.

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white chocolate-flavour glaze no added sugar 27% [maltitol vegetable fats (palm kernel oil, palm oil), whole milk, skimmed milk, soy lecithin), aroma], milk-flavour cream no added sugar 25% [maltitol , vegetable fats (palm oil, palm kernel oil), rapeseed oil, sweet whey powder (from milk), skimmed milk, aroma,], wheat flour, vegetable fats (coconut oil, rapeseed oil), maltitol, fat-reduced cocoa, maltitol, fat-reduced cocoa, leavening agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt,


Contains naturally occurring sugars.
The product may contain: peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds, eggs and derivatives.

Nutritional Info

  • Nutrient

  • Per 100g

  • Per 30g Sachet

    • Energy
    • 2228 kJ/534kal
    • 356 kJ/85kcal
    • Protein
    • 5,0 g
    • 0,8 g
    • Carbohydrates
    • 56 g
    • 9 g
    • Sugars
    • 7,6 g
    • 1,2 g
    • Fat
    • 31 g
    • 5 g
    • Saturates
    • 18 g
    • 2,9 g
  • Salt
  • 0,75 g
  • 0,12 g

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