Sugar-Free VS No Added Sugar

What do the labels "Sugar-Free" and "No Added Sugar" mean on products available at Diablo or any supermarket offering sugar-free items?
The distinction between "sugar-free" and "no added sugar," according to the FDA, lies in the sugar content. Products labelled as "sugar-free" contain less than 0.5g of sugar or naturally occurring sugars per 100ml or 100g of food or drink. Naturally occurring sugars can be found in fruits, fruit juices, and some vegetables like artichokes and broccoli. Technically speaking, this means that some fruits are not sugar-free but have no added sugar to them. This is important to note, especially for individuals with diabetes, as fruits themselves do not bear sugar labels, but this distinction can be crucial for their dietary management.
On the other hand, "No Added Sugar" indicates that products do not contain any additional sugars beyond what is naturally present in the ingredients. While these products may still contain naturally occurring sugars from ingredients such as fruits or vegetables, no extra sugars are incorporated during processing or preparation. For instance, pure honey would fall under the category of "no added sugars" but may still contain a significant amount of naturally occurring sugars.
Beetroot, which is rich in nutrients and fiber and offers many health benefits for diabetic people, still contains 6.8 grams of sugar per 100 grams of beetroot. According to the FDA, this cannot be classified as sugar-free but definitely has no added sugars.
On the other hand, pure natural honey has no added sugars, but as you may already know, it contains plenty of naturally occurring sugars, with about 80 grams per 100 grams of serving. Therefore, it cannot be labelled as sugar-free.
Here at Diablo, we specialise in catering to various levels of diabetes. As such, we offer products that contain no sugar whatsoever, as well as products that have no sugar added. Our range is designed to accommodate different levels of sugar intake, ensuring that we have options to suit your needs.
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